About Helo

We are a cohesive team focused on providing our customers with quality service and a sincere solution driven approach to fulfill our client’s dreams and demands. We adore the Icelandic nature and consider it to be a privilege to have the opportunity to share our vision and experience of it with our guests.

We maintain a socially responsible approach in our operation and have set ourselves stricter limits than authorized for minimum height over popular tourist attractions. We truly believe that exploring the fragile Icelandic nature by helicopter is one of the gentlest ways of travelling, leaving the least footprint behind.


All cancellations must be made by e-mail and confirmed by Helo. We are obliged to charge cancellation fees to passenger(s) as follows:
    • Less than 2 weeks and more than 72 hours – 20%
    • Less than 72 hours and more than 24 hours – 50%
    • Less than 24 hours – 100%


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The Fleet

Bell 407
When the mission calls for speed, performance and reliability look no further.

Helo-Helicopter Service of Iceland operates only the best helicopters available in Iceland. The helicopters are specially modified with over sized floor to ceiling windows providing exceptional view. It offers increased cabin space and great comfort. Bell 407 is known for its outstanding performance and safety.
Capacity: Six passengers
Range: Three hours of flight or 360 nm (with 20 mins final reserve fuel)
Cruise speed: 120 nm per hour (220 km/h)
Hook lifting capacity: 1,200 kg
BOSE noise-cancelling headsets.

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We also offer

AS 350 B2
AS 350 B3

The HELO team

Reynir Freyr Pétursson
Director of Flight Operations & Pilot


Haukur Harðarsson


Friðgeir Guðjónsson
Sales Manager


Jóhannes Jóhannesson
Pilot / IT


Þorlákur Runólfsson
Accountable Manager


Guðni Kristinsson
Technical Director
Gunnar viðar Hafsteinsson
Quality Manager



Open tour prices start from ISK 38.500 per person. You can find pricing information by clicking on the tour you are interested in here on our webpage.

The hourly rate for a private charter is ISK 335.000. For more information on how to custom make your tour please see private flight.

We do not have any weight restrictions for our passengers. It is good to know if our customers need spacier seats when they are buying tours as per seat, then we will keep that in mind when we sell the rest of the seats available.

We have a great selection of open tours where you can purchase per seat. There is a 2 persons minimum on our shorter tours (30 minutes – 2,5 hours) and a 4 person minimum on the longer tours (2,5 – 8 hours).

Are you a solo traveler interested in joining an open tour or 2-3 people interested in a longer tour? Send us an e-mail at info@helo.is with dates and times you are available and we will do our best to pair you with others to reach the minimum.

The helicopters have a sliding door that can be opened while in the air for photographing and cold should not get in the way, one can dress to the occasion. However photo-flights where the door can be opened are only sold as private flights since it is not allowed to open the door on a common sightseeing flight with other passengers than the photographers and their assistants. I have myself shot really nice pictures through the glass of the helicopters but the photo-flights are popular.

The Bell 407 helicopter takes up to 6 passengers. One passenger sits in front and 5 people in the back, three facing forward with one middle seat and two face backwards. In total 5 passengers have window seats. The windows are big and bubbly so every one has great view in all directions.
The A star helicopter takes 5 passengers total and 3 people will have window seats. One sits in the front and four passengers in the back all facing forward.