Golden Circle with Journey Inside the Glacier

Travel to the center of the glacier with style


This tour combines the spectacular aerial view of the famous Golden Circle and other highlights of Icelandic nature into an enlightening adventure. Witness spectacular waterfalls from an exotic angle, and see both Gullfoss and Geysir and then land on a glacier and visit the magnificent Langjökull and join us on a journey with experienced guides to travel Into The Glacier. A breathtaking experience where you enter one of Iceland´s glacier and get to travel deep inside to  it´s wonders. After the tour, we fly over the Continental Rift at Thingvellir where you can witness the power of nature as the two tectonic plates have drifted apart over the years. This is an experience you will never forget.


Route:ReykjavíkGlymurLangjökullInside The GlacierGullfossGeysirThingvellir

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