The North Diamond Circle

Northern Iceland


Flying straight to the Diamond Circle in northern Iceland takes you over the Icelandic highlands with its rough landscape and glaciers. The striking region of Mývatn is one of the most geologically active and scenic areas in Iceland and popular for big movie producers to film as Fast of the furious fans perhaps are well aware of.

Jon and Ygritte´s cave of love is well hidden but we can easily travel there. The peculiar lava formations that create Dimmuborgir´s ‘Gloomy Castles’ cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and the Ásbyrgi Canyon in Jökulsárgljúfur National Park is a wonder of nature as well as the only place where ‘Sleipnir’ Odin´s 8 legged horse managed to set his hooveprint on the landscape. Best seen from air.

To make the most of this tour you might want to stay overnight, possibly in Húsavík, a harbour town on the shores of Skjálfandi, which is the whale watching capital of Europe.
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