Wild Westfjords

Experience the wildness of Iceland and you will never be the same
See the harsh environment and unbelievable sights. This tour will leave you lost for words as we travel along the coastline, overlooking dramatic cliffs, and surreal rock form- ations that look like fairytale creatures turned to stone. You’ll head off the main tourist trail to visit Iceland’s oldest land formations – the Westfjords, home of the Arctic fox. The helicopter tour takes you to red sand beaches, mountain peaks and one of Iceland’s most gorgeous waterfalls, Dynjandi. On a crisp, clear day one can even witness the glacier tops of Greenland, across the North-Atlantic Ocean. You might witness all kinds of wildlife here. Seals, whales, puffin and foxes to name a few. We do numerous landings as well, refueling both ourselves and the helicopter


Reykjavík Breiðarfjörður Stykkishólmur Rauðisandur Látrabjarg Dynjandi Ísafjörður Reykjavík

Capacity per helicopter is  5 to 6 passengers

Personal guiding in English. Other languages available for an additional fee

*If you are travelling on your own, please contact us through email to let us know the dates you are available to join a tour and we will do our best to pair you with other interested in the same tour.

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